"It's just chocolate milk.", Paul said. "Guuurgp eeep heeerrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuw ooooop", and that was just the beginning of what my pouch thinks of milk. Especially with carnation instant breakfast.

Night before last it was an hour of that drama. I stayed away from milk yesterday and moped. Today I decided I need to get my nuitrition in. Can't I just have a vitamin IV, PLLLEEEEEEASE. I'm working on the carnation instant breakfast. But, I'm scared of what my pouch will say at any second.

Five Positives (I need to find those positive points)
1- Lost approx 7 pounds from day before surgery
2- Pain is diminishing
3- Crazy amounts of drainage are no longer weaping from my belly
4- Paul did SOME dishes yesterday
5- I'm one week post op.. only 3 more days of hell week. (I hope)

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