Background: A co-worker (C) has been trying to have a baby for years. I recommended my RE and have tried to be supportive without being intrusive. Their first "medicated" cycle didn't work. They are thinking about adoption as an option.

Last night was the office holiday party. C loves T and R. T loves to get crazy with C and play games. Maybe I was over compensating but I thought I sensed an uneasiness in C's wife when R was around. Now, I know I can't sheild everyone from pain. But, I tried not to get R too close to C's wife. Was I wrong? Should I have gone up and talked to her and tried to bond over our difficulties getting pregnant? I don't know if I was right or wrong. But, I know babies were hard for me when my house only had P and I.

PS.. Everyone can tell I'm really losing weight and I am getting a lot of comments like "I'm surprised you look so good!", "Why aren't you sick?". I try to tell them that I'm following the rules (mostly) and I had a great surgeon.

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