Paul took this picture of me with my new cell phone. He says it really captures the true Heather. :)
At 9 months out I'm 100 pounds down from my pre-op consultation. I'm happy with my weight and ready for plastic surgery to cut away the extra skin. Don't expect that to happen any time soon.. We're considering baby #3 in the next six months (naturally) and if that doesn't work.. we'll visit an RE in May or June of next year.

Things are busy and chaotic here. Work is really only as demanding as I make it. But, I'm pretty damn demanding. LOL

The kids are healthy. T did have a couple of days in the hospital two weeks ago for dehydration and heat exhaustion. Keep your kids hydrated on the road and reload them with fluids when you get home. There were no complications thankfully. But, we have a followed up with management due to inadequate ER care. T knows better now and I have learned to prioritize a bit more. R is great and growing into a sassy strawberry blonde.

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3 thoughts:

    Anonymous said...

    Look at you Heather - beautiful!! I totally love your short curly hair too :) Glad you guys are doing well. I've been thinking about you.


  1. ... on 7:19 PM  
  2. Mel said...

    Wow! You look great!

  3. ... on 3:41 PM  
  4. Anonymous said...

    I think you are absolutely beautiful either way. I love the curly red hair, the fabulous smile, and the pretty blue eyes. Those are common to both the old and new you.

  5. ... on 11:14 PM