I found this fun meme at Dee Dee's. Her thoughts were great.. let's see how I do at 0630.

1. Real Moms plan to get the clothes for the day set out before waking the children for school. Then she stays up too late and the children wake her.

2. Real Moms tell their fair haired/skinned child that he will become a "red lobster" if he doesn't put his sun screen on.

3. Real Moms tell the teachers that Daddy dressed the princess even when it's not the complete truth. Well, he did put the outfit on her... A Real Daddy should have seen the unworthyness of the outfit and immediately changed it.

4. Real Moms admit defeat and take their 2yo daughter to school with messy hair and try not to wince as the teacher says "R, Ms. D will fix your hair in just a second."

5. Real Moms avoid unnecessary battles. If R will let the teacher do it .. then this Real Mom will praise the Lord.

6. Real Moms have a bag of food in the car for when the littles cry, "I'm HUNGRYYYYY." after being in the car for 2 seconds.

7. Real Moms make their son wear wet shoes until he comes in for the night. This real Mom is not replacing another pair of shoes (for the record.. the first pair is 2 days old).

8. Real Moms eat the children's Holiday candy.. to save the children from cavities ofcourse.

9. Real Moms tell the 5yo that he must sleep in his room, until the wails interupt her attempt at sleep.

10. Real Moms hate summer because the sun is at 7pm when you are trying to get the children ready for bed early.. because "they" are exhausted.

11. Real Moms tell the 5yo to brush his teeth morning and night and forgets to brush her teeth at night.. way too often. (heading to the bathroom now...)

.. Not too bad.. Now I must remove the parasite 5yo from my lap.. why do they squirm when they try to cuddle on you? Oh, and the 2yo and whining..maybe she'll go back to sleep.

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