Well here is the wine meme:
Are you more white, red, or rosé? I prefer a nice blush.. but I am learning to enjoy the finer qualities of the reds and whites..
Your first time? Hmmm.. I would say I was approximately 18.. and I thought it was SOO much better than beer
The best pairing between a wine and dish? Wine and a dish.. that requires thought.. Seeing how I can't enjoy food and beverages at the same time.. I will stick with a funny twist... A nice blush wine with a fruit popsicle.. It's a great dessert!
Your favorite? Why have a favorite? I am still experimenting with my taste preferences.
Who chooses the wine at your house or who manages your wine cellar? It's a joint venture that is lead by me.. If I need wine.. wine is bought.. or else there is whining!
How many wines do you have in your wine cellar? We have a box wine in the fridge, a case of smirnoff, and budweiser beer
How do you introduce a young person to wine? What age are you speaking of? The only experience I have is with my children and I tell them it is an adult beverage the first few times.. after half the glass.. It's MINE!

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