T had a brief stomach bug midweek. It was gone quickly and life went on.

We had a productive Saturday morning with a trip to the library and vacuuming of the NASTY van. The afternoon was as lazy as we could get it with DVD watching, web surfing, book reading, and pizza delivery. I was prepared to get up early Sunday morning and make my family go try out another new church.

I went to bed feeling great, only to wake up Sunday morning thinking I was visited by Aunt Flo in the night. I went to the restroom and Flo had not arrived but the back cramps were horrible so I tried a hot shower/bath to relieve the cramps and prepare myself for the impending visit. The thing is .. I was still feeling awful afterward and the nausea was worse than I had experienced with any previous cycle. I told P that I either Aunt Flo was coming with a bang, I was pregnant, or I had the stomach bug ala T.

The vomiting started mid morning and let me tell you.. Vomiting on an empty stomach pouch is painful and yet I had no desire to eat or drink anything (ok.. I had half a cup of coffee that was soon in the toilet). I ate nothing all day and proceeded to relieve my stomach of any saliva that may have accumulated in my pouch. The other end was cleaning itself out.. but not in a severe way.

Around ten I gave up the thought of getting everyone to church (I did try to send P and the kids but he would have no part in it). I sweetly demanded that P go to the store and get a cheap pregnancy test and some pads. I knew the test (in my brain.. my heart had hope) would be negative but I needed to see it. The pads were the guarantee that it was just a visit from Auntie Flo.

The pregnancy test was negative and I lazed around the house when I wasn't in the restroom. I could not find a comfortable position and even the smell of food made me gag and run to the back bedroom and slam the door shut. I shooed P off to work around 330pm so he could get caught up in the office with the rationalization that the kids were sleeping and I was feeling a bit better. At 530pm the phone rang and P was feeling awful. He announced his entry into the apartment with gagging into the toilet.

We both feel a lot better today. T is at school, P is at work, and R and I very busy today too. We have completed grocery shopping, loading the dishwasher, and picking up the front rooms. Now we have to fold laundry, wash more dishes, and run a load of laundry in my new front load washer/dryer. Oh, we also have to find something fun for her to do other than watch fox & the hound over and over again.

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