Today a friend was on the phone stating that she would never be able to keep a bbt chart because she could not sleep the required 4 hours straight without getting up for any of a multitude of toddler and preschooler related issues. STUPIDLY, I was blissfully thinking of the 8.5 hours of sleep I enjoyed the night before.

Tonight is my turn. We turned in late after TV and couple time. Less than 3 hours later DH was hacking up both of his lungs and interrupting my sleep. I rudely told him to shut up so that I could get some sleep. When that did not work, Bean Sprout reminded me that my bladder was fuller than allowed. I went back to bed mumbling and grumbling (how very wifely and caring). DH went into the master bath where he continued to hack. THEN he insisted on rudely slamming drawers and doors in a quest. It was disturbing me so I asked him what the HECK he was looking for. He stated a cough suppressant. Um, those would be the sticky bottles that were dumped out 3 days ago when I was un-packing. I directed him to sinus medication. It took forever for him to cough, open the package, turn off the light, and get in the bed.

DH was laying down when I saw a shadow in my doorway. “What’s wrong Mr. Cuddly (T)?” (What? so I’m a thousand times sweeter to my child than my spouse) “I can’t sleep”. He comes toward the bed. I insist that Daddy’s hacking will not be safe for him. Yet, he still continues. I reach out and touch his forehead. Dang it, he is burning up. I get up and go on a quest for the thermometer. He follows me to the master bath and says he may be sick. He doesn’t get sick but does use the restroom. Whew! I take his temperature with the faulty ear thermometer. It reads 101.1, 101.3, 100.7 and I declare him fevered and ask DH if we are to add a degree*.

I grab fever reducer and Benadryl for the boy in the hopes his fever, sleeplessness, and drainage would be solved eventually. I send him up to the play room with instructions to watch cartoons while the medication begins to work. DH asks me if I am going to check on him after I put everything away. “YES!” I head upstairs and the boy is in his bed. I am up at this point and begin blogging.. The boy is in the room with me within 15 minutes because he’s hot.

Boys = 2 sick (dog seems ok for now)… girls = 1 sleeping soundly.. one dreaming of sleep and promising to be thankful for any and all sleep and sleepless nights.

*Side note: I really should look that up and put a reference chart with the thermometers.

“…instead of adding or subtracting a degree when you report your child's temperature to your pediatrician, simply report the temperature and how you took it. Rectal temperatures are usually about 1 degree higher than oral temperatures and 1 1/2 degrees higher than axillary temperatures, but since you don't have to add a degree with ear or temporal thermometers, talking about adding or subtracting a degree can be confusing.” Pediatrics @

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