I've had this blogger tab open for a few days and ideas in my head. However, the ideas are not making very cohesive thoughts right now. It seems that R passed a bug onto me. Unfortunately as a pregnant woman you can't take crap for a sinus infection. I'm stuck to regular Sud@fed or Tylen0l with Sud@afed. I've managed to take it every four hours for the last day and I feel like my head is still full of the nastiness and my throat has leant me a few dried boogers. I should really get a script for an antibiotic. It's just not that easy. If I were in Virginia I could have called my ob or my pcp and I would have a script within a couple of hours. My OB here.. yeah.. he doesn't handle anything non pregnancy related other than to tell you not to take anything that could work. My PCP here doesn't have my faith (when I called about the pain with eating/drinking.. he sent me to the ER because it could be an allergic reaction). There is the urgent care center where I took T for his conjunctivitis and broken arm. Um, I hate the registration people because they are brainwashed into making patients pay copays (arbitrarily created by administration) even though the patient and the insurance company both know it's not necessary. They are currently holding $100 hostage from our last two visits. If its gets that bad... I'll go to the urgent care and be a witch (not like that will be hard with this massive headache).. until then the Sud@fed every 4 hours, tissues, liquids, and Sud@care shower s00thers are all I got.

What else is happening? The boy who hates being limited by his broken arm has injured himself several times this week. The injuries have included the elbow on the arm that is broken. I'm not sure I will survive this broken arm.

P is working a ton of overtime. Which is awesome because $$$ is always needed. But, I would love for him to have time to just be with me and listen to me ramble while I fold the laundry or make dinner. He's so exhausted now that he can barely manage a hello. I truly feel for him. But, he better mow the yard before the weekend is over. I just can't do it with this sinus infection.

R is eating like a pig today. Before 11 am she had ingested a bowl of cereal, eggs, fruit snacks, and two servings of mashed potatoes. I know there are better things for her to eat. However, I am more excited that she is eating. I took her out the other day to the playground and it was shocking to see how much skinnier she is than the other kids. She doesn't weigh 30lbs yet and she is 3 1/4 years old.

Yeah.. it's pretty boring here. Unless you like to fold clothes.. then we are having a party!! :)

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