Well, today was the d day. I met with the surgeon for my two week follow up. I need to up my fluids and protein. I'll have to up my protein even more before the sinus surgery (speaking of which.. I think the sinuses are causing the lightheaded feeling).

I'm moving onto mushy foods. Yea! Not! I'm trying to get excited about this. But, I added unflavored protein to mashed potatoes tonight and it turned out to be soup. Bleah!

It will get better. Now if I could just get one good nights sleep. That's funnier than any problems I could have with the diet. Oh wait, I can sleep on my tummy for part of the night. Hope for the sleep is around the corner too!

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    Milenka said...

    How is the soft food diet going now, sweetie? I highly recommend applesauce! Not sleeping on my stomach was definitely one of the hardest things for me postop. I think it actually took around 3 months for me to be able to do it comfortably. Strangely, I never sleep on my stomach anymore, though...

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