Thankfully, I am doing better with my liquids and protein. It helps that I can have a tasty meal on top of that. Today's treat was a simple sourcream and chives baked potato at Wendy's. I can't wait for the chili.. YUM!

I'm getting quite a bit of fluids in this evening and I've gotten at least 60grams of protein in today. yippee! Now, if I could just remember to do this again tomorrow.

My scars are getting smaller too! We went to the arcade today and I played bang the mole and jump on the spider (my names.. not the official ones) and I felt good afterwards.

Maybe.. the scale will move next week. I know, now all I have to do is increase my exercise.

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    Carla said...

    hiya! :) i was just blog surfing and came across your one, congratulations on the great loss so far! i was wanting GBS for myself but it is very expensive over here in NZ, i could never afford it! so i have started SureSlim and am in my first week. anyway just saying hi! and good on you!

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  2. Milenka said...

    How are you doing, H? I haven't seen an update in eons!

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