Well, I'm a month out. My scars are healing nicely. They are a bit raised and hard but that will go away with time and maybe some mederma. I'm not really sore anymore. I still scream when T hits me in the belly (he's three and playing). Even that's more fear of him hurting me, more than actual pain.

Weight loss isn't as fast as I'd like it to be. But, that's my own doing. I got the all clear to go to the gym at my 4 week post op appt. I haven't even tried to walk this week and it's beautiful outside.

I'm having a sinus polyp removed next Tuesday and they are going to fix my deviated septum while they are in there. It's a same day procedure, so I'll be home with my family that night. I'm taking the rest of the week off. Hopefully, that will be enough time off to recover.

I'm still leary of liquid protein. I've had detour bars and they are tolerable. I have to be careful to chew due to the nuts. As far as real food goes I've tried grilled chicken, mexi melt (beans no meat), grilled shrimp, egg beater omeletts, string cheese, broiled fish, chili, sliced ham and turkey (97% fat free), and go lean cereal. I'm tolerating it all well. As long as I chew my food completely. I didn't do that yesterday with the fish. It was embaressing to walk around the break room at work trying not to throw up. OUCH!

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    Milenka said...

    I'm so relieved to see you've updated, H! I was getting worried when I hadn't heard from you or seen a post! Good luck on your surgery next week! As far as liquid protein goes, I couldn't do it for the most part. I just gagged on all of the chocolate and vanilla kinds. The absolute only one I could even choke down was the lemonade flavor by Nectar. Even then, I often had to mix it up in a glass of Crystal Light lemonade rather than in water...

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