It seems like yesterday I was making an appointment with a surgeon. I then cancelled it and waited three months before making another appointment. Today, I am only four days away from the day of surgery. Where did the time go?

I have shopped for protein products and vitamins. (I still need more)
I have purchased my first goal outfit. (One shirt says "Stop staring!")
I am reading two books on weight loss surgery.
Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies.
Exodus from Obesity.

I am going to make an excel workbook of my food intake, exercise, weight loss, and anything else I can track. I want to make some cheatsheets to stash in my purse. (Only 3 grams of fat per 100 calories, stop drinking twenty minutes before meal, 30 chews per bite.)

P and the kids are going with me to the hospital Thursday morning. We are planning on getting a hotel room near the hospital so we aren't rushing around all crazy like.

I took a tylenol PM to help me sleep.. :) I believe it's working now! More tomorrow!!

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