From the day I've been home from surgery, I've watched a lot more Food TV. T loves it. :) He will be a famous Chef one day. But, I'm not sure why I'm watching it. I can't eat 95% of the things on the screen. But, it's so nice to watch them make the food. I'll try to figure out if I can eat it as a post op (now where are all the DAMN shrimp menus when you need them) or if I convert them to be better for me. The deserts are the only things that I stay away from. That's just playing dirty.

I'm doing well with my intake. I haven't eaten anything that could make me dump. I do have trouble remembering to chew, chew, chew. The halloween candy bowl is still full. T gets maybe one piece of candy a day. Wow! There are 3 dozen mini twix bars up there and I haven't touched one.

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