I know three posts in one day could seem like a lot after I don't post for over a week.

I had the sinus surgery last Tuesday. It was weird going into it. I had put so much focus on the WLS that I never thought to research the sinus surgery. I couldn't even tell them the "official" medical jargon for the procedure. They pulled a polyp out and fixed a deviated septum. It was weird waking up and being more alert than after the WLS. I did have trouble with being able to see clearly. I handed P my glasses before surgery and he wasn't around when I went to post-op. He had to take the kids on a ride because they were getting rowdy. It was probably for the best. I was ready to get out of there as soon as they got back. I dressed myself. The only thing the nurse requested that I not do was to tie my shoes. :) OK!

I took the vicoden for 3 days post op. Sinus surgery hurts! I don't know how else to say it. I have to do a sinus rinse twice a day for a month (blow salt water up my nose and comes out the other nostril or my mouth). It clears up some of the congestion and helps get the mucous and blood out. I had to pack my nose for two days due to drainage. I will also have to be rescoped at least two times.. if not three.

Today it's not too bad. I don't live with a towel in my hand waiting for the next drip. I am able to do more with P and the kids. But, if I just wipe my nose for an itch.. IT HURTS. You don't even want to know what it feels like to be kicked in the nose (yes.. R and T have both done it in the last 24 hours).

I'm doing pretty good on the protein and fluids. I can't smell and that's affecting taste and satisfaction with what I eat. I'm back at work tomorrow. I'm also hoping to start back at the Y officially. I don't think I'll be able to do as much as I could pre-op. But, I will get in there and try. I've gone walking for the last two days around the neighborhood. So..I am trying!

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