I've got the kids clothes laid out for tomorrow.

R has a bib and diapers, blanket, 2 packages of wipes (T may need some too). T&R both have a change of clothes. R needs a sippy cup and T needs his blanket. P wants to get a special blanket for R. T has one that my sister made him and it's the favorite. It always goes to school with him. We even had to bring it home during the week sometimes because he didn't want to leave it.

I know I'm going to forget something huge. Oh, the birth certificates. I had to drive to Richmond Friday afternoon to get R's. Yes, a year later and I didn't have one. I'm a slacker.

P is in bed with T. At least T is in his bed. They are both bathed. I should set my clothes out and go to bed. Oh, Riley (the puppy) needs to come in from the cold. He may not like my working during the day much.

All of this and my sister will be here in 50 some odd hours. How in the hell am I going to get my house cleaned up?

Note to self.. Do not forget vitamins, medicine, or sinus rinse. You NEED this. I may have to put this on my cell or alarm myself each morning and night.

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