I lost my password to Gmail and I can't get it back (the higher powers require the original e-mail address and/or customer #).

Does anyone have a gmail referral laying around that I can have? I would appreciate it greatly.


I've gotta get my stuff together and run a couple of errands before work. Hopefully I can get to the office before the snow starts coming down. We are expecting at least 3 inches and some reports say more. For Virginia that's a lot of darn snow. It will be R's first snow as a big girl. Maybe I can get out of the office early tonight and see my babies in the snow.

Oh, the tree. I really want to get the tree in the house soon. The christmas tree that is.

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    Bhakti said...

    Hi! Michele sent me!

    I, too, live on the East Coast-- but a bit farther North, where snow is the norm this time of year. It amazes me how the more Southern states on the East Coast tend to get more snow than us!

    Well, bundle up and stay warm!

    Have fun with your 'babies' in the snow this evening!

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