I don't feel like I'm ever home. I don't feel like I'm getting "time" with the kids. I know I'll feel better when we get into more of a routine. Mondays and Thursdays are rough because I work 12-8. I send the kids to school to keep a routine. I might start spending a few hours with each of them one day a week. One on one Mommy and me time. The overtime I worked this weekend didn't help me catch up my family time. But, the extra money will help off set the loss.

I haven't behaved food wise. I'm not eating enough protein. I try. I think about it all day long. But, I go look for something with protein and I can't find something that will satisfy me. I did find a great appetizer at Bonefish Grill. It was an awesome Ahi Tuna Shashimi. I felt great because I knew it was packed with protein and it was just enough to fill me up. The spicyness also encouraged me to eat slower and enjoy the food. I think this restaurant will be a favorite from now on. I'm having a hard time going to the normal restaurant and finding pouch friendly foods.

Ok, I want to finish the dinner and spend time with my family. `

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    WendyWings said...

    Michele sent me. Good idea re the kids :)

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  2. Ivy said...

    Lovely blog! Michele sent me!

    I have a hard time finding enough time for everything I have to do during the day and I work from home. I've started reading to the kids before bedtime and it has helped!Good luck!

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  4. margalit said...

    Saw that you have recent sinus surgery. Isn't that the most painful thing you've ever experienced? I tell people that and they look at me like I'm nuts but OUCH!

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