So little energy to do it with. It's happened. I have the beginning symptoms of the stomach bug. Bleah!

P, T & I put up a light up reindeer in the front yard. :) It's pretty cool. We only need 11 more and a sleigh. Not this year though.

The visit with my sister was nice. T was ready to go home with her. I hope we can move near them very soon. We'll see them again right after Christmas. Maybe I'll lose even more weight by then.

I was able to go to Wally World and buy some shirts w/o the W behind them. I need to get pants soon. But, I want to wait as long as possible. My bras are getting lose I was able to tighten them up but I'm not sure how much longer my shrinking breasts will fill them. It doesn't bother me too much. It's P who's heart broken. Poor Guy!

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