Life was going great. New job (extra money even though sacrificing personal life and internet time), marriage seems good, fitting in a size 8, new Target opened near us and we loved our first visit yesterday, NP at WLS Office asks if I plan on losing more (as though I'm good where I am).

So then today happens... lots of projects on my plate at work, get overwhelmed and decide to cut back on some of the projects (others do it... when they get overwhelmed.. I can too even though I'm an over achiever). Get to the pre-school and T had an AWFUL day. I thought this might happen with his attitude this morning. But, what do you do when you have to go to work and your 4 yo is showing his A$$? So I'm embarressed and mad at T and he drops his after school snack in the van... I stupidly reach for it (behind the passenger seat while driving on windy road) and hit the curb. 1/4 later the tire is flat..

Go get it fixed and the other front tire replaced so they are equal. This is bad because T is on punishment, I am wearing 3 inch heels after a long day, the estimate is 210 and R is hungry. So we make do and walk around the strip mall then get the van back in a little over an hour. yes.. there's more

P calls and says the AC guy is done. (Our AC has been out all summer and we tried to be stoic until it hit the triple digits) Today cost us 370 and they need to replace the outside unit. 150 of the money is going into the ozone as we speak. The house is a bit cooler .. but not great. Last check of the thermostat was 84 degrees.. I miss my window fans.. they are better than this.

So, don't get cocky about a new job and extra money.. It will be gone in a flash. Oh and when you decide to get out of a house... do it fast. We better get the F out before something else breaks. We won't have any money to put into a bigger place at this rate!!!!


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    Milenka said...

    *hugs* I hope your days are getting better, sweetie.

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