I finally have an entry that will be primarily good news. After waiting a week and a half, I was offered the job I interviewed for. I will know be a Training.Coordinator (trying to stay away from google bots) and my hourly rate will be increased from 12to18 and change. This is a relief in so many ways. Money has gotten tight again (school was important, but the lack of pay was dragging us down) and I finally feel completely recognized for what I can contribute to my employer. whew!

The kids are both healthy. R is a bit grouchy.. but I'm going to toss the blame to teething. T is in love with P right now. DADDY play with me, read to me, cuddle on me. P is doing better with the kids but he still has his moments where I have to remind him not to go off the handle (he does the same for me at times too).

P is ready to put our house on the market and pay off our debts. What we have left from the sale will go into a new house that will fit us with extra room. Cart before the horse. We have to prepare this house for sale and then get it on the market. He's already getting grouchy that I don't want to buy the biggest house possible. The extra money has made him a bit house greedy for the moment. I'm sure it will pass.

P gifted me with an IPOD for getting my new position. It's cool but how am I supposed to know what podcasts to choose or where to buy the cheaper audiobooks. Man.. My life is full of problems. lol...

Once again, a disclaimer. Life isn't perfect yet. This week has been a struggle with my small paycheck. The only way I was able to get the IPOD was by using mr.discovercard. But, the bleakness that had engulfed life for the last few months seems to be lifting.

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3 thoughts:

    Diana said...

    Congrats about the new position!! That's awesome news. As for your iPod - download eMule for music - FREE =)

  1. ... on 9:27 PM  
  2. Milenka said...

    *hugs* COngratulations, H! I'm so glad things are getting better and better for you!

  3. ... on 10:55 PM  
  4. Dawn said...

    CONGRATULATIONS! You rock! ;)

  5. ... on 3:55 PM