We visited weather.com last night and it was rather depressing the forecast for next week includes highs over 90. Ouch. We haven't had the AC looked at and are not turning it on for fear of damaging it. It hasn't been awful and when it was we lucked out and had to be out of the house for work or errands. Today is miserable and I think the kids and I are going to run to Wally world and maybe the mall. I need to pick up a roll of film I had developed and run by the atm, I always find a reason to get out of the house once a day. I should learn how to stay home and be a hermit (P would love me even more than he already does).

T's first class on horsemanship is tomorrow. It's going to be 90+ degrees outside. I still believe I should put him in jeans to protect his legs... but the darn heat is draining without the extra weight of denim.

I could hear something about the new position tomorrow. I basically caved and told my new supervisor that I would like to start learning the ropes. I shouldn't have done that without an idea of what I would make - there goes some of my negotiation leverage. We really need the extra income. I know you look at the site and all the things I have involved us in and wonder why I'm taking riding lessons when money is tight. This is my turn to take care of myself and let myself do and learn things I never believed I could do before because of the weight or a comment by a friend or family member.

As I'm sitting on egg shells waiting to hear about my new pay rate, P is looking for other jobs. I know I can't ask him to stop looking because this is a "career path" job. But, I thought he might see the potential that I have with this organization. His faith in my time with the organization is weak at best. He keeps thinking up ideas for me to start as a business. Computer stuff (he would create it and I would market it), coffee cart, bar, and so many more things. I can't get excited about a new job or even about starting a business if he's looking to move to OR, UT, TX, AL, FL, or Germany. I have hinted and I have nailed it down and he still doesn't seem concerned.

Don't get me wrong... Life is good. I just feel like I'm sitting on a hot plate.

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