Quick post because it's late and I won't do this if I don't do it now.

1- R fell off my bed and hit the wooden frame and completely lost her right front tooth. She is fine and recovered faster than P and I did. The dentist says all is well and the permanent tooth is forming already.. Not that it will be in for 6 years.

2- Riding lesson #3 was rough with mud and a spooky horse. I will be changing to a new horse next week. That should be interesting. I'm getting better but I know I need more time on a horse.. But, where can I find the money to lease a horse??? Oh, T's pre-riding class starts next Monday. He's super excited.

3- Work is crazy my HUGE project is moving faster than anyone planned and the cart is getting ahead of the horse. With that also comes the job offer to move into a new position within the department. I would still have to work on said project until the IS team could support the project.. But there will be many more opportunities and benefits.. I'm just waiting to hear what the offered pay rate will be. I hate that part.

4- T got his first "real" bike. It's a 20 inch spit fire schwinn (red, of course). P is working with him to learn without training wheels. Most seem to think that is a mistake. But, P is the father and the teacher. He'll either teach him without the training wheels or buckle and buy the darn things without input from me. (Did you get that.. I'm learning to keep my darn month shut!)

5- Did you know that sex is fun? Not that I didn't know that but I was forgetting to live and enjoy things before. I was stressing about everything. Now I just tell P that we need to go upstairs and we both have smiles on our faces when we come out. T is also learning about privacy and leaving us alone when we lock the doors (using restroom, changing clothes, showers, and !!!!)

So, I'm pretty darn happy. I could use a maid and a huge pay increase instead of the small one I anticipate. But, if you hold your breath until those things come around you are missing out on so much.

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