I am pleased to report that P and I seem to be doing a hell of a lot better. We both need to work on our chores at home. But, we are getting somewhere in the talking and intimacy department. We both have things to work on but we are working together. Counseling would be nice. But, I'll take communication for now.

I had my first horse riding lesson Thursday. I was working on posting.. and damn it I did it wrong. Not only did I work too hard to do a task that looks simple. But, my ass has muscles I never knew existed. I'm hoping to be more prepared this week. I need to work my legs and my butt more (sitting on them does not count).

Oh.. weight is going down. I am 91 lbs down from my consultation weight and 100 lbs down from my highest non pregnancy weight. :) WOHOO! So there are a few things that are bugging me..
*Size 8 relaxed jeans fit me.. size 10 and 11 not relaxed don't fit me.. f'ers.
*Friend considering surgery says I am more judgemental of 'fat' people now. I told that honestly I'm more judgemental (of everything) than I should be. I also think some of my judgement is because I am still judging the old Heather. How did I ever eat 3 bean burritos? I can barely eat 1/2 of one and that's with an urge to barf. Friend's comment hurt me. But, she says things like that thinking she won't offend me or not caring... so I really need to let it roll off.
*Birth control sucks! I said it. The nuva ring can't keep me from bleeding (18 days is the longest I've gone between periods) and the patch irritates the crap out of my skin. I don't want to do birth control pills. I'm going to take a roll of the dice and not use any birth control. I'm not trying to get pregnant. I'm just trying to get my hormones straight.

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    CeeCee said...

    CONGRATS on your weightloss.. and thats too funny about the sizes. i am so confused about my size right now, so for fun i go to the mall and just try on stuff.

  1. ... on 9:59 PM