If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be sitting in my piece of suburbia surfing the internet from the comfort of my sofa, I would have laughed at you.

Things aren't roses and sunshine with P. But, we are working on everything. Life is stressful with two kids. Does anyone have a 4 day weekend free that they are willing to spend with our kids and animals? My dream scenerio for 4 days without responsibility (notice I didn't even get pushy and ask for a week) is simple: Fireplace, no computers, no alarmclocks, no demands from anyone but our significant other.

The kids and I are going to a friend's tomorrow for a Memorial day picnic, to see her new house and growing baby. We'll have fun and then the weekend will be over. WAAH!

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    Milenka said...

    If you wanna take a vay-kay in Michigan and drop the kids off here, then I'm all over it! ;-) I need practice, you know! I hope things continue to improve for you guys. *hugs*

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