Yesterday I was out of the house all day. The kids and I left just after 8am. It was easier to get out of the house while P was asleep, not to mention it gave me the benefit of earning bonus points with him.

The kids and I went to:
Caribou Coffee
The Barber Shop (T needed a haircut.. horribly)
PetSmart (presents for Riley)
Sports Authority (new running shoes for me)
Wal-Mart (groceries, diapers, losing my sanity)

Then I broke down and took them home. After lunch I went to:
Panera (more coffee and quiet)
Hair Cuttery (bushy eye brows)
Lowe's (weed n feed)
Target (I forgot some things at Wally world)

Then the family and I went to the new Red Robin...

I'm exhausted. But, the house needs attention. Especially, if we get that job in Alabama. P's Mom called this morning to update him on his Dad's health. The feeding tube was put back in and he is very weak. He is talking about planning for the funeral.

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