P and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on Sunday. It was low key at home with our two precious children. We arrived back home from visiting MO early Sunday morning.

P's father is better than when we were called out. The man has a fight in him that I can't understand. There must be some quality in him to fight so hard. The entire family is exhausted though. Staying in standby mode is a rollercoaster ride. I'm grateful that we live farther away.. but at the same time I know that P would prefer to be closer to help his family out. I announced on our drive home that I want his mother to come and live with us after his father passes away.

Their home is falling apart, she has never lived on her own, and she just plain old needs help. P's sister has done a ton for their parents and I think this is a way that P and I can help out. P believes that I will go crazy.. But, I think it will be good for her and for our kids. Grandma around to give cuddles and read books. I don't expect her to keep the house or watch the children (her health is declining as well). Instead, I want to help her learn how to be pro-active in her medical care and learn how to use a budget.

I think God really believes what I said. I don't know that we can really afford a house that could fit our (hopefully growing) family and a MIL in the market that we currently live in. We would be in the low 400k range and that's just crazy. But, as I said God is watching over us.

P was offered an interview on Tuesday with a different gov't agency. The interview went well and there were promising remarks. We are leaving it in God's hands and doing some googling on the market in the northern AL area.

This is an ideal time for us in so many ways. I can't count my chickens before they hatch.. but we have been on the fence about so many things and God always provides for us in these situations. I'm hopeful that it will happen again... God has a plan.. he just chooses to share it with me in small increments.

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    Diana said...

    Ok I dropped my mouse on the floor after readin that. Wow. You are one brave woman! LOL I am happy to hear about the interview - crossing my fingers for Paul :)

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