We avoid the voicemail on our home phone. I don't know why we have it.. but I check it every week or two. Well, this morning something made me check the caller id. There I found a call from P's mother's cell phone. So, I checked the 9 messages to find the one call and.. P's dad is very bad off again.. "this may be the end".

I'm not questioning the man is very old and ill. But, they didn't call again after 9am and they didn't really try to reach P at work. We've been this intensity of his poor health since Dec 2000. We jump when we hear that he is "REALLY" bad off and head out there. Thankfully, he is normally rebounding before we get through the 16 hour drive.

I pray that he does not suffer. But, I hate when our family gets stressed out at the thought of his roller coaster health. P avoids calling his parents because they have always had a negative outlook on life....

Frustration is.. when your husband puts off calling because he doesn't want to know how bad it is.

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