Today is cycle day 5 and I.. shoot I forgot to take my medication **be right back**.. am taking clomid again. As a back up plan, I am seeing an RE tomorrow to see what his opinion of our situation is..

I'm just reminding myself that I'm not in control. God is giving me tools.. and they may not work on my schedule and God has a reason for that. We are also waiting to hear about the job P interviewed for three weeks ago. I'm losing hope.. but once again God has a plan and we just can't see it YET! I'm shaky in a lot of my faith right now.. but I'm working at it.

P will be home after midnight Friday night. I can't wait.. I am taking a Heather day after we spend a few minutes together. I'm grouchy, hormonal, slothful, and my kids are acting out because they miss their Daddy. I need a break and P has agreed ...

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