R was sick over Easter weekend. She was vomiting and gagging, especially in the car. The pediatrician found a right ear bulging on Monday afternoon. Antibiotics seem to have knocked the infection out.. But, we are going to take her into the allergist on the 30th for a more in depth round of allergy testing. They will repeat the penicillin and tree nut series to ensure she is still allergic. That will be a WONDERFUL day! I think it's only fair that P go with me.

Poor P came home on after midnight Friday night to find me battling a huge sinus infection. The doctor prescribed antibiotics 3x day for 10 days. Ugh.. I was trying hard not to go to the doctor all week .. But, Friday I went down hill quickly. It was just pressure, then it was a cough, and then little to no voice and phlegm. My lungs were only mildly congested (but they hurt like the dickens). Today, day 3 of major antibiotics, I am getting more of a voice.. can't yell .. and sound funny according to T. The good thing is that the decongestants seem to work for a few hours. I know when they start to wear off.. but it's too soon to take a new dose. The chores that I wanted to do were not completed..but I did get three loaves of bread prepped and one baked, made a batch of chicken and dumplings, a load of dishes, and a load of laundry. I still have to do more dishes, put a ton of laundry away, and get the kids in bed post haste.

Tomorrow we return to our normal routine.. haha.. whatever our "normal" is!

Oh.. and hubbies that have been gone for two weeks do not help when your voice is cracking as you send a boy to his room. "T you can go with me to the hardware store and McDonalds." AACK! To top it off.. he forgot my cherry pie! :(

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