I have decided not to freak out about everything that has to be done in the next three weeks.

Umm.. Did I say something wrong?

Nope, I just haven't had the opportunity to share our newest plans. The moving trucks will not be here until... June... 7th.. and even worse they will not pick up the household goods until the 11th. I could tell you how I sat in the personal property office with dh whispering.. "I freaking told you this would happen. Now you know why I nagged you to death.".. but you get the idea.

So here are the important dates in my next few weeks..

-Tomorrow starts my last week of work and the kids last week of school in the 'burg.
-June 1st will be my last day of work as well as T's preschool graduation.
-June 2nd close family friend's daughter graduates and we will attend a grill.
-June 3rd.. P and I will discuss what has to be done.
-June 4th will start my first week without a job and childcare... waaa!
-June 5th my to do list will grow and I will thank God that I did not disconnect the cable.
-June 6th... Everything will be unplugged (save one tv, cable box, cable modem) and taken off the walls.. oh.. the van will be loaded with things we do not want packed..
June 7th .. Strangers will enter my home and box it up
June 8th.. Strangers will reenter my home and continue to box it up
June 9th.. we will begin scrubbing the house and touch up painting .. P will leave for AL
June 10th .. we will attempt to get more touchup work done..
June 11th.. the movers will take it all away..
June 12th the workmen will come.. new carpet in front room and floor cleaners for the rest of the house.. The house will be listed on the market..
June 13th.. I pray that the children and I will leave this house and head for AL ...

Oh.. the big nasty dog that I really truly love.. may not be allowed in our temporary housing. This is bad because my brother who was interested in taking him now says he is too big because of their goat! I may have to find him a new home fast.. this will break T's heart!

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