why moving is like pregnancy... no one will let you bitch once you are there!

I wanted to move.. I begged to move.. now I am moving and I hate it! I know I will love the end result.. but I'm not there yet and this black eye I think I just gave myself hurts like the dickens, the packers left boxes everywhere and I have a ton to do, and my dear husband is leaving tomorrow and not taking the kids or dog (I'm making him take the cat.. she doesn't know it yet).

I craved being pregnant.. I begged God and the fertility specialists to help me get pregnant... then I was pregnant and damn pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions and aches. I knew I would (do) love the baby ... but was I supposed to puke or eat more saltines (I'm still not sure I did the right thing).

^^^^^^^^^^^^/end rant^^^^^^^^^

So we have the house boxed up (except the VITAL toys, bathroom crap, tools, clothing.. that will be two thousand boxes in the van with me, two kids, and a dog).

The movers will be here Monday to take the boxes and furniture away.

Great! Wait until they leave and attack the house... that's the sensible option. Do I ever do anything the sensible way? NO! I am pulling out nails, screws, crown moulding and patching the holes.

P is leaving tomorrow and the house is scheduled to go on the market Friday.. after..

Sunday - I will kiss my husband goodbye, set the baby up in front of the TV and send the 5yo out to play with the neighbor boy (mothering at it's finest). I will clean out the fridge, box up dry goods that are unopen and beg a food bank to take them from me. I will continue to plug away at the painting and spackling. I will only stop to get coffee or I am needed for my mothering duties.
Monday - movers take 95% of our worldly posessions to an undisclosed location (remember .. 5% will be in the van with me eventually). I will rip up the carpet in the front room. I will continue to plug away at the painting and spackling.. uh... yea.. oh and don't forget the exterior work.
Tuesday - carpet in front room will be replaced at their convenience (WTF?) If the carpet guys are out of here by noon the cleaning crew will come in and attack the house in the afternoon.
Also the house has to be powerwashed.. I'm NOT doing that! I do have to buy a new stove.. umm.. I better go get something done.

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    Thinking of you Heather! - Diana

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