I am here in Alabama with my husband. I got in last night after a week with my in-laws. It was good for the kids to have time to relax ... they are there still until Wednesday. This is the first time I left them for multiple days on purpose. I really didn't WANT to do it.. but I was out numbered. T wanted to stay with his cousins and my SIL and MIL wanted more time.

Their time with the grandparents will give P and I together time and time to cruise the area. I also have a job interview Monday morning. Hopefully, I can impress the socks off this lady.

Our house still has not sold.. people were asking me that before it was on the market. I am planning to go back after we do our WDW vacation, the first week of July, and paint.. heck.. I really just want to hire someone for that. However our last contractors were not very upfront in the pricing. Never gave us an itemized invoice and the final price was almost 200 more than the estimate.

So ... I am off to house hunt.

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    Glad all is well - good luck on the job interview!! - Diana

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