P, R, and I have been in Alabama for almost 24 hours. We are all extremely tired and cranky. My mother kept asking how P was going to make it to work today. I, however, had very little sympathy for him (he could have taken today off).

Our vacation was pretty darn great. We all loved staying at disney for six days. Next time we will not send R to stay with Grandma. She didn't seem to mind leaving disney to play with her cousin (they are six weeks apart), but she was having a wonderful time at every single theme park. Once we arrived at my sister's R attached herself to me and has barely let go at this point.

T requested to stay with my mother for some more time with the cousin's and my sorta nephew/brother. He gave me a kiss and ran off to play. I feel like I need to defend myself for sending my children off to my family and P's family. But, once you have bee in hotels for a couple of weeks... bunking up with cousins in a real house is a luxury for anyone - especially a 5 year old boy.

Today was a blur of moving from one nasty hotel to an extended stay place. Tomorrow, R and I may take a trip to the petstore and B@rnes/Noble for my daily latte but then our lazy (ok my lazy ass) bums will be sitting in the hotel room watching soaps/cartoons.

I have some thoughts on vacationing with our family.. but they will be shared when I have more coherent thoughts.

Sum it up.. we survived, disney survived, we plan to go back often, I cried as we started off on our trip to leave Florida.

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    Anonymous said...

    aww - glad you guys had fun. I missed seeing you but you live closer now, so I know I will soon :) Can't wait to see photos and hope you are doing well in your new location! - Diana

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