T and P waiting for the parade R and I, no we did not buy the princess mouse ears.

Yes, these are a couple of the Disney photos I promised forever ago. Just because the wireless internet is free doesn't mean it works.


We've made it to August in Alabama. P has been here almost two months. He seems to really enjoy his new job, especially the one hour lunch option.

On the housing front we moved into an apartment on Wednesday (do you know how hard it is to get a 6 month lease?). We signed a contract to build a house a week before (I had to make a quick trip to Florida to get T). The house(I am hoping to get the floor plan scanned and online this weekend is twice the size of our VA house and it's in the school district P demanded his children attend.

I had to do some fast planning this week to ensure T could attend kindergarten. This is not to mention the fact that we wanted (and were approved) to have him attend the school where the house is... not where the apartment is. This will be easier on him when we move into the house in February ).

I did decide (well the fact that we got the BIG house helped) to get a real job. The interview process is almost complete and I am in the final two. I should hear a decision by Tuesday. Gah, I need that job (I bought HE Frontload washer and dryer last night).

I also started sparkpeople yesterday and I wish I knew about it when I was trying to loose weight. It is still helping me track my intake and fitness levels to maintain the weight and ensure I eat enough protein and drink my water. My only caveat is that the site is addictive. It's a good thing there is no TV here yet.

One of my goals on SP is to list three postive things each day:
1- P went to VA for the weekend to paint the house and get the last of the stuff (I thankfully did not have to go because of T's open house)
2- My babies are here in 'bama with me
3- The kids and I went for a nice walk this evening and a swim yesterday

And I leave you with this photo.. When a girl can have anything she wants, this is what she chooses. Notice the full cup of chocolate milk cast to the side?
My coffee!

Can you feel my pain? (Ignore the bad hair day)

No, that's Mommy's Latte!

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