Today is the first day of T's elementary career. R and I will join him as he attends his kindergarten openhouse today. We will meet with the teachers, take a peek at the school and his classroom, and sign up for activities (before and after care, at least). We will try to make a good impression (the kids better get a nap before we head out).

Tomorrow I will pack his lunch in a new transformers lunch box. I believe we have all the required supplies to pack this lunch. I wonder if I will cry as I pack his lunch and holler at him to get ready. I know I will take a ton of pictures.

My baby is going to school. It seems like yesterday I thought I would never have a child. Here I am with two beautiful and smart children. My eldest is going into kindergarten and my youngest is so tall and talks up a storm. She'll be THREE in November! Oh my heart hurts.

In a lot of ways I am so ready to have the next baby. However, life has thrown us a few curve balls. The move is taking a bit (ok, six months) longer than we had expected. There will be a lot of physical activity that I may not be able to do if I were six months pregnant. This is also in addition to the fact that we decided that I have to get a job. So any additional children (via fertility treatment)will have to wait unless we spontaniously conceive (it could happen.. maybe)or next spring.


P took Friday and today off to work on the house in VA. He wants me to go back and do some more (the electrician needs to come by too) later this week. I'll do it because it will just be me and R. We can get the projects done in the morning and visit our friends in the afternoon. I hope to have a job offer before I leave. If I do, GREAT! If not, I will be out pounding the pavement looking for a job.

P bought a paint sprayer and painted over all the color (buyers like white.. whatever) in the house and put a fresh coat in the other rooms. He was sad to paint the kids rooms, because it was like wiping away our life from the house. A buyer who came by yesterday was happy to hear we were painting the rooms white. He'll admit it looks a lot "cleaner", a fresh canvas for a buyer, but it was so pretty and a lot of work to get it the way it was.


I am feeling pretty good these days. My brief stay in the hospital was a wake up call to take my supplements regularly (no matter what life throws at me). It will take close to three months to feel "normal" even with the iron transfusion and extra large doses of iron at home. My family is afraid that I am over doing it and I am sure they will be mad to hear that I am going back to VA.

I am working hard to incorporate more ACTIVities for the kids and myself. We are swimming every other day and walking too. I have a sparkpage that is helping me keep track of my intake, fitness goals, and personal goals. The kids are also starting tumbling this Wednesday. I may try the gym in the same building... hmm.. a yoga class maybe?

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