Thomas in NICU

I had to sit down tonight and write a letter to T's new teacher sharing who he is. I was proud to write this letter and remember how far he has come. I was looking for a picture to add to the letter when I stumbled across this picture. The little guy came into the world interested in everything going on around him and he continues that tradition. I know he will succeed in kindergarten and anything he puts his mind to.

Here is the letter..

Dear Ms. W:
Thank you for requesting special information about your students this year. We hope you enjoy reading this introduction to T.
T was born in ***,Va on November 23, 2001. He started preschool at one year old and was fast to make friends with everyone he came into contact with. He is a protective older brother to R, who will be three years old on November 3rd, even though he thinks sisters are mean. He wants a big brother and a baby brother. Our family pets are staying in Missouri with his grandmother while our house is being built. There is Jessabelle, a cranky ten year-old cat, and Riley, a hyper two year-old german shepherd.
T loves to learn. He has an inquisitive nature and is able to retain much of the information that we give him (this keeps me on my toes to ensure accurate responses). Thomas chose to be a paleontologist at his preschool graduation. He also loves to draw and we are encouraging this by explaining that paleontologists need to know more than dinosaur facts. We have nurtured his interests with books, DVDs, and trips to natural history museums. The future paleontologist loves to learn how and why anything works. He is currently trying to understand time zones. He loves writing his friend Trist@n e-mails and doing science experiments.
I believe that starting school will help him feel more at home here in Alabama. T is ready to go back to Virginia and his preschool. We are working with him to understand why we made the move and that there is no possibility of moving back to Virginia. We encourage him to write and call his friends and we have not ruled out trips to visit once we are settled here.
He was very successful this last year as he learned to write his first name, recite his address and phone number (in Virginia), grasped basic addition and subtraction, and became a talented artist. He improved his comprehension of personal space a lot during the last school year (however, this summer has been emotional and I fear there is some regression). T is Mr. Cuddly; he thinks that he needs to hug or touch someone when he is insecure, happy, sad, or excited.
T is quite active and can get excited at times. He is pretty good at getting the “bugs out” when you remind him that he needs to settle down. Sometimes I have to suggest that he do a quick jog in place or squirmy dance to calm down. We are swimming frequently and he will be tumbling at Tumbleb**s. Hopefully the activities in and out of school along with plenty of rest at night will present you with a calm boy who is eager to learn.
We are eager to be an active part of your classroom. Please, let us know if there is anything we can do in or out of the classroom to be of assistance.
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