Carmen asked what we are doing this summer. Is she crazy? My summer will not be spent by the pool relaxing.. OK, I may have some time at the pool with my two precious angels.. That doesn't count as relaxation though. :)

1- We are moving to AL the 2nd week of June
2- We are selling our house in VA (It will never be ready to put on the market!)
3- We are buying a house in AL
4- We are enrolling T in Kindergarten
5- I may be starting a new job
6- If I'm starting a new job.. I have to find a wonderful daycare center for R
7- We are going to Disney for a week in July (I see this as a vacation that will require a post-vacation vacation.)
8- We are going to try to get pregnant (real fertility meds.. no more of the clomid stuff for us)
9- We are going to get P a new car (his car is falling apart and it's crazy to invest money in it just for a few more months)
10- We are going to find a church in AL
11- I am going to start getting up at 0500 again and having my quiet time. I'm way too cranky right now (I have a tooth ache too.. must see dentist.. don't have time)
12- I am going to hug and kiss my babies
13- I am start the habit of daily long walks with Riley the beast (dog).. if he gets to come with us.. we may have to send him to my brothers if the Temporary Quarters company won't take him.. if he doesn't get to come with us.. I'm still going to do this for me.
14- I'm going to be nice to my husband.. even when I'm cranky!!

Why are there cranky undertones? P and I were talking on the phone and he says.. umm.. ummm.. and I say cat got your tongue.. he says.. I think you need to get a job for a little while as soon as we get to AL. How am I supposed to get a job when I have to find a house and school for T? I'm overwhelmed and I'm not putting my worries in a basket... I know it and yet I continue to stress myself out.

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