I basically took today off except for making dinner and dessert. It was a rough week for me and I internallized it way too much. I'm feeling better now and hopefully I can stay on top of the stress thus preventing the pain of IBS.

I have Monday off for a repair man to come and fix the AC so the to-do list is for Sunday and Monday and I will check things off as they are done.

Red = done Yellow=started Black=next weekend

**Sort out the stuffed toys in R's room.
**Sort out the hard toys that she(R) plays with
**Sort out the toys (T and R's rooms) that will be put away for the summer
**Put away only the clothes that fit T and R right now
**Get rid of my shoes that I do not wear (currently wear an 8 and found 8.5 - 10 in my closet)
**Put P's computer books in the garage ( it's my closet.. why do we have books on windows 95?)
**Fold and put away clean laundry
** Paint walkway to house
** Strip and stain the porch and deck
** Make navy bean soup
** Sort bathroom bins (purge and organize)
** Hassle P until he calls the travel office (appt on Thursday.. why is there always a delay?)
** Call about Termite warranty
** Organize books in the house for easy packing
** Start a charity donation list
** Clean bathrooms (downstairs, master, spare)
** Sweep kitchen and bathrooms
** Mop kitchen and bathrooms
**Create packing list that will last us for two months and a vacation to disney

oh.. and if Monday is my only day off the next two weeks (I expect to be off more for movers, etc.) I only have 9 8 (forgot Memorial Day) more days at work. I need a huge to do list there.. but I have severe short timers syndrome and really don't care anymore. I used to LOVE this job.

Good night! I'll be up early working away! (Does 830 count as early?)

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