I just want a day off. Is it too much to ask for? I know I'm crazy to think it or even say it out loud. The hillarious part of this is that a "day off" will equal tons of housework. I just need one day to stay at home with no where to go. When I got to Alabama, I couldn't stand staying in the apartment and now all I want is a lazy day where I can take my time cleaning and not feel like crap for not getting everything done.

Can you believe I completed a 5k? It was three weeks ago and I still have trouble believing it. I have a few notes for next time: stretch my whole body not just my legs (I did something to my neck on the run), take the whole weekend so my body can recover, and take T with me so that I have motivation (ran with friend and her son and whenever one of us walked for too long we raced each other to a stop sign or car).

So, what else? R has some mysterious GI issue. There is vomiting and diarrhea. It is simultanious some days and then there a a few days of quiet only to have her puke in the grocery store (sorry, butcher dude) and then a few days later she will have diarrhea and get a rash. We have taken possible allergens out of her diet (let me tell you it's no fun taking milk out of her diet.. it's in everything) and she will see the GI doc on Dec 11th.

T is doing awesome at school and he will be testing for the little dragon yellow belt at the end of the month. He has also been accepted into Master's training. Unfortunately, he has cold symptoms that are going on their second week with medication. I bet he'll see the pediatrician next week.

As far as the paying job goes, I chose to stay at the part time level and not seek a leadership position at this time. I had the opportunity to be a Mom as a full-time job and I love it. Yes, I keep my kids in activities that have me leave the house at least once a day. Next year I will plan better.. but for now there is nothing better than seeing a child walk out of class and say "Mommy, I did it!"

Oh.. I almost forgot. This is cycle day 25 and 8 days after my hcg injection. I will be able to test at the doctors office on the 19th. I'm sure I'll crack on the 17th and take a pregnancy test. I'm a bit nervous because this cycle included follistim instead of repronex and femara instead of clomid.. oh and he (RE.. Dr H) also doesn't believe in progesterone support immediately after the hcg or starting on cd 21. He follows the school of thought that a good ovulation is indicative of a healthy pregnancy and progesterone support won't make a difference on the viability of a pregnancy.

Dang, that was a run on sentence and I don't care to fix it.

Here is what is on my agenda this week:

This week: Prepare for T's 6th birthday party (stuff goodie bags and shop for presents). Organize luncheon for teachers at T's school and work on PTA website. Do you have ideas that would make it rock? P and I are working on it together and it will be awesome when we are done (he loves it because I am finally learning javascript and css instead cutting and pasting code).

Today - 12 hour shift at least
Tomorrow - Tumbling for R and karate
Tuesday - Karate
- P has gastroscopy
Wednesday- Tumbling for T and R
Thursday - Volunteer at school
- luncheon for teachers .. possibly another day.. I don't know how on earth I'll get this done without knowing a date.
- karate
Friday - karate
Saturday - T's 6th Bday party
- work last 8 hours of my shift
- pregnancy test
Sunday - work 12 hour shift
Monday - doc office for pregnancy test
- tumbling

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