Borrowed from Carmen:

Tomorrow: School and work for Husband and Son, packing for me, irritating all for my 3yo hellion princess.

Feeling: Tired. packing, shopping, parenting, cleaning, job, and wife duties....

Happy Because: Heard Bean Sprout's (baby July 08) heartbeat after scaring myself all weekend.

Today I: Attended foundation inspection at new house, shopped for new furniture, ate yummy BBQ, went to OB sans children, had a Venti 2 pump Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Latte, browsed two stores and bought nothing, went to Wally World, ate dinner, and cleaned out children's closets.

Laundry: Washing T's nap mat and other blankets. Towels need to be folded. argh..

Something I know: P and I both want me to quit my job but we don't want to loose the money.

Currently reading: Nora Robert's novel... umm.. it's in the car and the title escapes me!

Wanting: That tomorrow is Feb 1st and we are moved in our new house.

Favorite gadget: my cell phone

Thankful that: we were approved for the house after not being able to sell the Virginia house (it is currently being rented out).

Wondering why: My daughter will not poop on the toilet. She will not poop in her panties either.. instead she chooses to whine and cry for a diaper.

Care to fill in any of these with your own answers?

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