It's our first tornado siren event in Northern Al. We are hiding in the master bedroom closet. What if I hadn't woke up when the sirens started? Why won't my MIL's damn dog come down here with us?

What else should I be doing? I know it's probably not blogging!

Thomas and I are pretty damn scared. It's different than living in Florida where you can't watch the hurricanes move as closely as you can these damn tornadoes.

Update: Info to help you prepare for a tornado

Tornado Precautions

Update 2: The next morning

We were blessed to be in the seek safety in your storm shelter (master bedroom closet) but not in the direct path of any tornados. We were out of the tornado warning witin an hour of being awoken with the sirens. I'm exhausted and grateful that our family was spared.

I rushed around last night looking for necesities and I think I did pretty good. I had shoes for everyone, all the cell phones, the video camera, bottled water, blankets, and pillows. Things I missed were the important papers (still at the apartment), my purse, snacks, battery powered radio, and distraction for all (dvd for laptop or card games).

T was extremely scared last night. Once again he had an overload of too much information. It's hard to balance keeping him informed over worrying him (this is a problem that we have especially hit this month .. more in a future post).

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