Well, we have had an eventful few weeks in our lives. We are moving into our new house. Having double the house is wonderful. Dealing with horrible customer service when I pay good money (at multiple retailers) for products is awful. Being pregnant and moving is less than ideal, but working weekends and moving just plain sucks.

Our new/just built house has been christened in many ways. It's been invaded by dogs without manners, a sick boy and projectile vomit, it's been visited by an ambulance, the walls have been dinged by large furniture, and it's survived our fist tornado scare. Yet I love it even more than I did when we picked this plan.

We will take our time moving in and make this our space. Right now our focus is on P's mother and her failing health. She is the one we had to call an ambulance for, just four days after closing on the house. She spent four days in a local hospital and still thinks she is going to be ok even though she won't take total responsibility for her health.

MIL's health is one of the things that T has been getting a lot of information on and I truly believe he is the worrier that I am. He and I agreed that he would get the information that he needs/wants but when it gets to be too much he will say that he has heard enough. I am also trying to make a conscious effort to stop talking about adult matters in front of him and R.

My pregnancy is progressing normally. That is hard for me to swallow at times because of complications in T and R's pregnancies. But, I am trying to accept that I might not need a lot of interventions. Our anatomy ultrasound is March 4th at 230pm CST. So, we will make sure everything is working and we can start making plans for the nursery. P has already assembled the crib and cradle. He is also asking when we can start working on #4. Are you getting the pattern? With R he was asking for a new baby before she came home from the hospital. With Bean Sprout we don't even know the gender and he's asking for the new baby. It's a good thing we have a good size house.

This afternoon is full of projects for me.
*I need to run by the school and change our address/drop off T's coat (the temperature is nose diving this afternoon).
*I need to go by the truck rental place and pick up my refund.
*I need to deposit checks at the bank (P may join me to add him to our local account).
*I have a physical therapy appointment to find out what is causing the back pain and try to fix it.
*I want to go by T@rget and H0me Dep0t to pick up some necessities.
*I want to go to the bookstore and pick up a new book that was released yesterday.
*Then there is tumbling for both kids this evening. Whew...

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