It's a fault of mine, I guess. If directions are provided for a project, I try to follow them or at least understand the logic/spirit behind them. You can really tick me off if I follow the directions and you don't. This bothers me more when you involve children.

Why is it so hard to play by the rules when the teacher politely asks that valentines include only ONE item from a specific list (IE NO CANDY). Yesterday's valentines went out the door to school in the form of one valentine pouch holding one small play-doh container for each classmate. T even wrote every child's name on the valentine. However, when he got home in the afternoon there were two or three classmates that gave out BAGS of treats and/or candy.

This irks me for a couple of reasons. I can imagine being one of the parents who can't afford valentines treats for a whole class and feeling awful for just sending in a card. More importantly as parents we have to lead by example. T has to learn that when directions are provided by the teacher he is to do exactly what you was specified (no more/no less). Isn't that one of the biggest goals of kindergarten and life? Rules and directions are there for a reason people!!

I'm biting my tongue and not e-mailing these parents. Maybe I am the one in poor taste to find fault with going overboard. Maybe.... but I doubt it!

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