It's Saturday and I have to be at work in 3.5 hours. I dread Saturday and Sunday so much. They are family days for most families (our family before August of last year) and I'm stuck at work for 12 hours each day. I wake up Sunday and Monday on the worst side of the bed..shoot Saturday is no better because of the dread.

**I just deleted 3 paragraphs of excuses and whining about working.**

I'm frustrated with our situation. But, it is the one that works for us right now. It works in the sense that we don't have to pay for childcare and I bring home the same amount I brought home when working full-time in Virginia (with two kids in daycare). But, it's not working on the family standpoint.

I become a major B!tch Thursday or Friday and it doesn't leave until Tuesday morning. I hate it. I deal with it. I'm in love with my family and this money keeps our heads more than above water. I can whine or deal with it. If both of those options fail (which I believe they are) I need to find a new way to add income to our family. Except, I don't want to sell my soul or first born and I would prefer to have the weekends with my family. Is it possible to be a "part-time working mom" without feeling like a failure?

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