Upcoming Events:

Two weeks from today we find out if Bean Sprout (child #3) is a boy or a girl. This will allow me to talk to P about possible baby names. He has refused to speak of the subject until we know the gender. This will also allow me to buy the going home outfit and nursery set. Unfortunately, I will also have the honor of picking through all of our baby clothes for the gender/size/season appropriate items. Maybe it will allow me to purchase a few cute outfits for this little one.

Four weeks from today will be our tenth wedding anniversary. We will be in Florida for T's spring break. Our current plan is to get a hotel room in Orlando for a few days and visit Sea World. There will be no children with us for those few days.

Pregnancy wise I am feeling pretty darn good. My hormones seriously work better when I am this pregnant than when I am not pregnant or in my first trimester. I can say that a better way.. P and I are sleeping very deeply at night after a bit of "exercise" and darn it I'm not saying NO this month. SWEET!

On the other hand. There was a scare about six weeks ago with lower back pain that was radiating to the front. Turns out it is caused by an irritated tail bone. There is nothing that can really be done until I deliver the baby. I basically prefer to lay on my side or stand. If I'm sitting, I'm squirming because it's not comfortable.

Home front:
Moving into the house is going a bit slower now. We have everything here but as far as unpacking.. UGH! I need to clean up what is in the house before I bring more boxes in. We are also trying to eat at home a bit more. This is great fun for me because I get to cart a three year old into the grocery store at least twice a week. She loves Publ!x and asks to go there on days that we have no reason. Truly, she's no real bother in the store. It's my lack of writing a list. I'm still not sure what we "need" to stock the fridge and pantry. I'm thinking I need to go back to the menu planning and grocery list writing for the week in advance. It won't get rid of the second trip as we always need more milk and toilet paper. :)

So life is peachy and I don't have to be at work for 4 days. That always puts a smile on my face.

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