This week mornings in the D household start off with P and T getting ready for the day. P wakes me up when he is about to walk out the door so that I can make sure T eats and gets to the bus stop before the bus. Most days I make it upstairs with a cup of coffee for a few minutes. However, I am usually back asleep within an hour.

Ah.. This is the pregnancy side effect that is just not cool right now. Yesterday, I was tempted to call the hematologist and ask him to check my labs. Maybe I should still do that.. because..

This morning I didn't even make it back upstairs. I didn't even pour a cup of coffee. I went straight back to my bedroom and fell into a sleep state. R came down about an hour later and I convinced her to lay down with me. I did this even though the pull-up was RANK. I was just too tired to get up. "Just a few more minutes baby girl." (We REALLY have to stop calling her baby girl). Finally, after hearing water running in my bathroom I was up at almost 9am. I told myself I could lay back down on the sofa upstairs once R was fed and watching cartoons. But, I was much better than that. I ate some breakfast, made my coffee, carried laundry upstairs, and started making phone calls per P's request.

R and I were out of the house before noon heading for lunch with P. That is another thing that we have enjoyed almost every day. After lunch at Ste@k and Sh@ke. We went to Tj M@xx and were severely disappointed in their merchandise, pricing (hello those pjs you are selling for 9.99? I bought them for 3.80 less than a week ago), and nasty restroom. Why I try to go back in that store every few months is beyond me.

We were going to head to the book store for some lounging and reading when I noted that R was asleep. I was able to slip into St@rbucks for over an hour with a sleeping 3yo. Oh, that was peaceful. Then she woke up. :)

Now, I am trying to plan a fun evening for our family. I'm considering a movie, perhaps National Treasure or Spiderwick Chronicles. Honestly now that I'm home and the kids are playing together AND quietly, I'm leary of leaving the house. Unless, I were to leave the house on my own.

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