I'm calling it ladies and gentlemen. We have been working with R since the new year to get her potty trained. She went pee in the Fisher-Price Royal Stepstool Potty immediately and refused to go anywhere else. We resorted to hiding the pull-ups during the day so that she couldn't be lazy. This was great because we reduced our pull-up usage by 70%. She was only using one when she HAD to go poop and at bedtime.

Why did we give in and give her pull-ups when she had to go poop? Because she would hold it for 4 or 5 days or just plain refuse to take her pull-up off in the morning until she could poop. She did this for a few weeks with us only giving the pull-up when she DESPERATELY needed it and couldn't/wouldn't get it out in the potty.

I literally carried the potty seat in the back of the van and walked her out to the van to use the restroom. It was a sight in January.. During this time we tried to get her to go pee in public with us holding her up on the public toilets and using potty rings. This did not work until she was completely miserable with the need to go pee and the only option I had for her was to sit on the "adult" toilet. After this she consented to using the Dora the Explorer Soft Potty when we were in public and at home.

About two weeks ago R had diahrrea. This was awful because no matter what pull-up was used it came out everywhere. But, there is a positive. R was using the potty for pee and accidently went #2 in the potty. It scared the daylights out of her. But, it happened two or three more times. When she was done with the gastroentestinal distress she tried to get the pull-ups back. We were wise and hid them in a closet that she can't climb in. Now she is pooping on the toilet and has received her reward for being fully potty trained.

We learned a few lessons.
*Suppositories don't work for R
*On the Go Potty Seats are too big for R's Rear
*NONE of the potty training books believe a child will pee on the pot before poop. THEY ARE WRONG!!
*We better enjoy these diaper free days because the baby will be here soon and we'll start the three year cycle all over again.

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