I don't know why I get all excited about our vacation plans. They always seem to be delayed because DH just can't get away from work. **Disclaimer, He does have a lot on his plate now and the overtime is great due to my lack of employment.** BUT, this happens anytime we make plans that can be changed. In fact, this trip is being cut short because of his work.. I need to stop whining. I don't know when he'll be home tonight and I don't know if he'll have to go in tomorrow. Ugh, I just want to get in the car in the morning (before the sun is up) and get to FL so that I can enjoy a few days with my family before P and I head over to Orlando to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary.

T's response to Daddy having to work this weekend, "He doesn't like to go to FL with us anyway. So we'll just go without him." I wish! But, it's our tenth anniversary. If it were just the kids and I going we would have left oh.. 24 hours ago.


Little (LONG) list of rambles..

**Pictures, especially of the belly variety are lacking because the shutter button on the digital camera has popped off. Circuit City is mailing us the Warranty Repair box and it should be back in 7-10 days after they receive it. Unless it has to be replaced. I've taped it and I'm praying I can get some shots in FL and of the belly this week before I ship it off. Maybe, I should just take my SLR and use real film...

** T has had a hard time at school. He's always been a child who has difficulty with transitions and works better with one teacher who understands him than with the 4 or 5 teachers he has in the course of a week (art, PE, computer, library, substitutes). He is working on this with me at home and with the school through the counseling department. They say he's smart and mature but he is also eccentric and has ticks that are hard for all adults to understand. I have considered home schooling and private schools.

** R is a great 3yo when she is out with Mommy or at home with Mommy. But, if you addd in brother to an outing all HELL breaks loose. If you take Mommmy out for childless grocery shopping, she cries and screams the whole time. I love her but .. DAMN.

** I have been using coupons and stocking up on special deals at CVS. I think I will try Kroger instead of my beloved and VERY close to home Publix to see if I can get better deals there. They just better give away the free cookie or T and R will not be happy. I've noticed that I'm doing better at only buying items on sale or rememebering to go to CVS for prescriptions and other household items so that I can earn ECBs. I'm still learning .. but every bit helps.

**Bean Sprout. He's still in there and kicking pretty regularly. I have used deals to stock up on 4 packs of size one diapers, 2 big packs of wipes, 3 bottles of lotions, and diaper cream. I also gave in and bought him two outfits last night. I need to start washing and sorting the clothes we do have. That is a scary mountain of clothes to go through...

Before I run Riley (big goofy dog who likes to escape) to the kennel and take P a mocha, I'll go through a few bins. My brother needs baby girl clothes for his little one due in May and there's no time like the present to get started. DH can help me with the kitchen when he gets home. :) OK, I'll do it when I get home. I need coffee too!

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