There are good things, bad things, awesome things, and shitty things that I need to get off my chest. I was just reminded that it's ok to let it all out.

So here goes...

When I last wrote a real entry, I was getting ready for a trip to FL and the departure was delayed due to DH's job. We were not able to extend the trip into the next week due to a conference call with what I'll call the corporate office for DH's job(damn thing was cancelled). But, it was better that we left when we did, as things hit the fan in a major way.

My family, who all agreed that they would take care of our kiddos while DH and I escaped to Orlando for a few days, suddenly decided they could not find a way to watch our kiddos. DH offered to take the kids but I knew he was as eager as I to get away sans children. I did the immature thing and left them there. My sister ended up having to take the day off work for her "career track" job so that my "mother" could go to work at the convenience store (this was the day I specificallly reminded her that I needed her to be free for weeks). So, I got back to sister's house and gave her a sushi kit and a gift card to the grocery store. She was beat by the stress of four kids and drama at home and I think it made her day. She never buys herself anything. That bugs me...

We all hung out for a bit until P, T, R and I were summoned to my grandmother's for "christmas". We opened the kids gifts and our gifts and said our thanks as we were shuffled out of the house so they could go to dinner. I didn't bring the gifts we bought because that would have required the minivan instead of the sedan (double the gas). It turns out that my grandmother made snarky remarks about how much my father got for christmas versus my mother (umm.. she just got tons of clothes and money from me in the last year and he got clearance rack grandpa t-shirts (WHICH HE APPRECIATED MORE THAN SHE APPRECIATES ANYTHING).. but WHATEVER). This commenting was relayed to me the next day by my mother as I was driving home. BUT, she is not upset that I didn't get her anything.. just that her mother is trying to push us apart. I had enough and got off the phone quickly. I avoided every call from her until the next afternoon when she decided to chew me a new a$$hole. I reminded her that I have done a million trips in the last ten years, have a family that I need to take care of, and if that meant I called her in a few days instead of the minute we hit the driveway.. well she would have to deal with it. And I hung up on her and have not talked to her since.

/rant... I really do feel better.

What was great about the trip and the last week?
* T and R had a great time with their cousins and want to go back... today.
* T and R spent the night with my dad.. a first!
* P and I had a great time in Orlando and the luau at Sea World is awesome!
* T has had a great week at school. I'm hoping that next 7 weeks will be just as great!
* R is using pull-ups at night and has not gotten one wet in well over a week. I'm not buying any more .. even with great coupons.. just in case.
* R will sleep in her bed if I go through a bedtime routine with her.
* Beansprout is kicking up a storm!
* P and I really reconnected even though I'm worried about my sister (and I take my worry out on him way too much).
* My bed has clean sheets (cookies, spaghetti-o's, and anything else is banned from my room in the future)!
* T is getting a stripe for his belt at karate today. It's his first in several months because of the issues he's been facing. I would not let him stripe test if he couldn't behave at home/school/karate. I believe he has to earn it and he did this month.

The next couple of weeks will be full of medical visits. I have an appointment of my anemia lab work on Monday and a prenatal appointment on Wednesday. The next week I meet with the hematologist. I really am making a better effort to take my iron.. but I could be better.

We still don't have a name for beansprout. I had a name for T on the day he was conceived and R's was almost immediately decided after the 20 week u/s. It's been 4 weeks that we've known the gender and we have a possible first name.. but P isn't committing to it yet. I'm not completely frustrated.. just in awe that I haven't made it a mission to get a name for this little one.

Ok, I have to go fold laundry and use the restroom.. again!

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