Carmen asked and here's my answer:

*listening to boy create his second bionicle.
*Wondering what DH is doing on his computer.
*Thinking about that load in the washer that needs to be rewashed.
*Surfing for coupons and savings for next week.
*Catching up on blog reading (can't a girl take half a day off.. LOL)
*Drinking cold coffee.
*Telling myself to go make breakfast.
*Thanking God that we don't have to go anywhere today.
*Wishing I had socks on right now.
*telling myself to sort the coupons (pull out expired and match to sale ads)

How is your weekend going? Whatcha-doin?

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1 thoughts:

    Milenka said...

    I constantly throw a load of laundry in and then forget it in the washer overnight, thus forcing myself to rewash the next day. *sigh* :-)

  1. ... on 4:32 PM